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Vintage Minolta Baby BC-2 Flash Gun (flash bulb not included) for Minolta-16 Camera (camera not included.) Unused flash gun attachment showing no signs of wear, with original batteries, vinyl case, in. Vintage Photography. A vintage professional quality flash gun unit Metz Mecablitz 502 Comes with base unit, flash gun, arm and power adapter Circa 1960's All looks to be complete and in good condition This is untested as i do not have the correct batteries or battery pack for this model.

Feb 14, 2017 · The flash gun to lightsaber conversion cost Christian just $15, but one of the two he created was sold to a museum in Seattle for a whopping $250,000, making this flash . Complete and functional Graflex Flashgun (Gen.2): Introducing our newly updated Generation 2 Flashgun! Not only has this new flashgun received several tweaks to it’s design and finish, it remains the only flashgun in production capable of working as a real flash on a Vintage Graflex camera! Flashgun includes the following.

Watch all 271 videos by Vintage Flash. Your little bit of fluff! (Satine Spark). A Brief History of the Camera Flash, From Explosive Powder to LED Lights. Oct 05, 2015. Michael Archambault. Share. Tweet. 0.