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Vintage Amateur "Early Wireless" Radio Stations. This site is dedicated to the construction and operation of Wireless vintage Ham Radio stations circa 1910's to the early 1930's. Both authentic stations and those of the homebrew "Breadboard" variety are featured including vintage spark and early wireless vacuum tube transmitters, regenerative. Vintage Radio References, Schematics, Manuals, Tube Substitution, etc. The BoatAnchor Manual Archive (BAMA) The manuals in this archive are available to all who enjoy working on and restoring old tube type amateur radio equipment and short wave receivers. THE BONEYARD RADIO PRICE GUIDE Used Amateur Radio Prices Seen Various Places in 1998.

Check out the these Spark Gap Transmitters! Rick Weber, W9QZ has built this beautiful 1929 vintage transmitter utilizing a Hartley oscillator and '45 vacuum tube. See more at Rick's Amateur Radio Station Site. Another great looking rig by Rick Weber, W9QZ. This one is a 1929 vintage regenerative receiver built from plans in an old ARRL Handbook. A note from the auctioneer: One of my passions in life is collecting, preserving and restoring antique and vintage tube radios and associated equipment of all kinds. Although not an exhaustive list this includes cathedrals, consoles, table radios, shortwave and broadcast receivers, European sets, amateur / ham radios, and audio equipment.

The Vintage & Military Amateur Radio Society celebrate vintage radio, military radio, valve radio and much more! It covers A M/FM and shortwave bands. The antenna is straight and has no bends. The battery compartment is clean and has not been subject to any leakage. It is a 1975 vintage and a one owner unit and comes from a non-smoking environment. It pulls in stations like you cannot believe and is .