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The prices of the most expensive marble are affected by several factors. Vintage marbles are especially popular with collectors, though custom marbles (sometimes made with rare materials) can also Author: Jessica Deml. Aug 20, 2011 · thats a lot of money for one marble. $27,730.00 USD. Description: Extra Large Divided Core Swirl Marble. Description Beautiful divided core swirl in bright orange, white, black, and green aventurine core with outer bands of alternating white and orange.

Toy Marbles. What Are Some Of The Differences Between Antique And Modern Marbles? Antique and modern marbles differ in a few key ways, including appearance, quality, perfection, and manufacturing process. Most antique marbles are handmade and contain a pontil mark, or a rough spot that indicates cutting from a can or glass pontil rod. Many people were first introduced to marbles on the playground as children. But for, their love of the classic playground accessory extends beyond childhood. You can often see vintage marbles selling for $50 - $100 a pop, but the cost of the most expensive marbles in the world makes that seem like nothing.

The most expensive marble ever sold was the Black Galaxy marble in 1988 at US $546000. It was bought by an anonymous bidder in Australia. Dated to approximately 1880 It is actually made from a. Lawrence E. Alley III showed off something that most marble collectors would love to possess: a complete 1933 “salesman’s sample case” of the Alley Agate Co., a marble manufacturer. The Author: Jay Fitzgerald.