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Dec 08, 2012 · Is there any treatment to re-sensitize the penis head after years of masturbation? Can't maintain erection with female partners because I get insufficient feeling in penis to maintain arousal while having intercourse from friction in vagina. I have to constantly reinforce erection with mental image to maintain arousal. I am 53 years old. Penis desensitization will happen gradually through masturbation and sexual intercourse. Presuming the head of your penis is very sensitive (and you are old enough to use a computer), I am.

May 24, 2019 · I've started foreskin restoration -- I started over a month ago and I have seen an improvement. My glans stay 50% to 80% covered now, it's amazing how badly your penis wants to cover those glans. I am using the tugging method which sounds dangerous to NoFap (and could be for others). It has taught me how to touch my penis for other reasons than M. Aug 19, 2011 · i lost the link to it, here is a quik breakdown of what you need to do if you want to get rid of the death grip. dont jack off for a week atleast until you really need one, if not two weeks if you dont feel a longing for a relase after one, strictly no touchign during the break period, then after the break period you can masturbate once in the week after the break, but only when you penis.

I can tell you that rebooting makes your penis more sensitive. When I relapsed at day 31 I needed VERY little stimulation to come and the result was the hardest orgasm ever.. According to my own experiences, stuff will improve roughly in the following order: Positive mood changes - Stronger personality (less social anxiety) - More sensitive penis. May 03, 2014 · You probably should go and see your doctor, though. If this is an actual physical problem, well, do you really want naff maturbatory funtimes for the rest of your life? Doctors have seen more weird and wonderful things than your penis, I assure you. posted by Solomon at 3:02 AM on May 4, 2014.