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For most women, cramping after sex is nothing to be concerned about, especially if it only occurred one time and only lasted a few hours. However, if you are experiencing cramps after sex each time you and your partner are intimate, see your doctor to determine if an underlying health condition is the cause. Symptoms of Cramping after SexAuthor: Pobby. It’s a small piece of plastic shaped like a T that’s inserted into the uterus. During sex, period pain may actually be alleviated to some degree. If you experience cramps after sex and Author: Erica Cirino.

Cramps After Unprotected Sex Reasons for cramping after unprotected sex 1) Penetrative sex. If the penis hits deep inside the cervix and hurts due to rough intercourse, then you can have cramping. The only way to prevent this is by telling your partner to stop and mutually try a better position. Apr 28, 2008 · cramping after unprotected sex, and on day 9 of the cramping. By avasmom69172 but as the day went by i felt better. Today i feel very overwhelmed - like its very hard to breathe, and I dont' feel like eating anything - food kinda turns me off. delayed period and unprotected sex. over a year ago. Unprotected sex on the 12th day of a.

Aug 13, 2009 · i had unprotected sex with my boyfriend the day before i was due for my period. i had my period and the day i stopped i we had unprotected sex. i have been having cramps since then and i dont know what it is. it hasnt been long enough to see if i am pregnate i just want to know why i am cramping. |. No you shouldn't be pregnant. Cramping after intercourse isn't a sign of pregnancy. It is difficult to say what is causing the cramping. Since you had unprotected sex there is a chance you have an STD like chlamydia or gonorrhea. You may want to make an appointment with an ObGyn to get checked out.