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Sep 18, 2018 · The Scorpio Sun Cancer Moon man. The Scorpio Sun Cancer Moon man can be the prince of any woman. He’s up to rescue a damsel in distress because he knows emotions. Even after an adventure with him, a lady will be impressed. Passionate, caring and powerful. this guy gets only straight A’s when it comes to sex. Oct 09, 2018 · Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon people will get to experience love at a deeper level than other Sun signs. These natives’ entire existence could be all about feelings. When they will fall in love, expect their world to be entirely about the person they like.

His potential lovers feel his strong erotic charge, magnetism and secrecy – he the one that is truly fascinated by the opposite sex. When in love, the human who has Sun and Moon located in the Cancer/Scorpio combination has a desire to make progress, to overcome his own limitations. Scorpio Sun Cancer Moon as a Friend The one that has Sun and Moon located in the Scorpio and Cancer sign is the type of friend that must have many hobbies, can be great in the field of his choice, and simply has to be constantly “busy with obligations” in order to be satisfied on a daily basis.

Sun in Cancer will be reassured by Scorpio’s powerful, background support. Moon in Scorpio will be reassured by Cancer’s commitment to focus on no one but her. They’ll create an emotional fortress whose inner rooms are closed to outsiders. And that will suit them just fine. View all the Sun-Moon combinations ››Author: Nadia Gilchrist. ♋ Cancer Sun ☉ — ♏ Scorpio Moon ☽ Success in life is almost guaranteed because of your self-assurance and personal magnetism. Cancer-Scorpios seem to just get things easier than others because they are just plain lucky. You have both influence and respect because, no matter what you undertake, you just seem to be a winner. This gets noticed.