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That’s because research on cetacean genitalia (dolphins and whales are both cetaceans) is pretty biased towards penis-havers. Comparatively less work has been done studying cetacean vagina-bits. Mar 23, 2007 · Blue whales would have a large one, up to 5 feet in length, 2-3 feet in depth, but a Sperm whale would certainly have a much larger vagina, as its name would suggest. Although Moby Dick wouldn't have a vagina, as he was a male (again the name) and he is dead.Status: Open.

How stupid. It does not mean Whales Vagina.not in NZ anyway. killer whales do attack other whales which is how they got their name whales do attack other marine life though because they are. "Blue whales have the largest penises on Earth. An erect blue whale penis is 12 inches (30 cm) in diameter and ten feet in length. It is fibroelastic like those of the blue whale's artiodactyl relatives. The retracted penis curves in an S-shaped loop and stays inside the body. When erect, it .

male and females do surprisingly. It is a trait only found in whales and dolphins and they are also the only other living creatures on earth that have sex for pleasure other than humans. p.s and. Once the bull and cow whale have found one another and performed a courtship of diving, violent competition, song and other rituals, the bull maneuvers into position over the female at a slight angle with his belly touching the cow's side. The male ejaculates sperm from his penis into the female's vagina, or vent, sometimes while swimming.