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The Triple Bottom Line (TBL) is an accounting concept which was introduced to widen the focus of businesses from the traditional financial bottom line to include social and environmental responsibilities. The term was introduced in 1994 by John Elkington to measure the level of social responsibility, economic value and environmental impact of a. The triple bottom line concept of sustainable construction could be achieved through the application of sustainable design principles at early stages of planning and construction. By making these decisions beforehand, it creates a home that is safer, more secure, flexible, comfortable, environmentally-friendly and cost-efficient in a long-run.

Mar 06, 2015 · Introduction to Sustainable Construction – or How to meet environmental and social reponsibilities and at the same time improve profitability. often known as the ‘triple bottom line’. Sustainable development ISN’T outstanding environmental performance at the cost of a company which goes out of business, nor is it outstanding. May 03, 2019 · Triple bottom line (TBL) is a concept which seeks to broaden the focus on the financial bottom line by businesses to include social and environmental responsibilities. A triple bottom line.

Conclusions. Life cycle assessment (LCA) studies that consider all dimensions of sustainability impacts of civil infrastructures are still limited, and the current research is an important attempt to analyze the triple bottom-line sustainability impacts of the U.S. construction sectors in a holistic way.Cited by: 89. Sep 14, 2012 · The triple bottom line (also known as 3BL, the three Ps and the three pillars) puts into concrete terms what we already know: there’s more to business than Author: Ryan Scott.