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Dec 25, 2008 · Baboons backsides are red for a few reasons. One is that since they do not have much hair there, they appear pinker. Also, when female baboons Followers: 1. The colorful red butts on baboons are usually a sign that the female baboon wants to mate. Why do baboons have big red butts? because once upon a time, the first baboon in this world sat on noahs.

No. Baboons have red butt because the skin there is transparent. Hence, it adopts the color of the blood in the blood vessels there. The term baboon ass derives from the redness found on a baboon's ass, this same redness is a sympton along with a bloody great pain on your crack of the sickness also. Baboon ass is an unfortunate case where your ass cheeks sweat and the wet hairs on your ass cause friction, which is a the pain felt as baboon ass.

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