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No. Masturbation will not interfere with periods or getting pregnant. You might hear all sorts of crazy stuff about masturbation — that it can cause diseases, stunt your growth, cause mental problems, lead to blindness, or stop a person from having children. But those things aren't true. Apr 11, 2013 · Can my period come early if I masturbate & can of get pregnant from that. Masturbation can’t change your menstrual cycle or make your period come earlier or later. Some women masturbate to relieve menstrual cramps and muscle tension before, during, and after their periods. Masturbation also can’t cause pregnancy.Author: Emily Pisacreta.

can masterbation make your period come any quicker or stay longer? By Guest | 66 posts, since orgasm can cause a surge of hormones, and hormones effect onset and duration of menses. on my period all the time. I wear tampons, no mess whatsoever. Not even a hint of mess, actually. In my experience, masturbation HELPS with my period. Jun 05, 2019 · Masturbation doesn’t affect your menstrual cycle or other aspects of your reproductive health. Masturbation will give you sexually transmitted infections (STIs): FALSE. Unlike partner sex, which can cause STIs, masturbation can’t cause them. Masturbation prevents sexual intercourse from feeling good: FALSE. In fact, masturbation can help.

While you might still be a bit shy about masturbating during your period, we’re here to set the story straight and debunk any weird myths. Plus, masturbation is more than just a fun past time — doing so can actually make your period bearable. 1. It helps relieve pain.