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Mar 12, 2012 · Dump/Pee Valves: Use a Pee Valve and extend your bottom time. No use having loads of breathing gas when nature prevents you from concentrating. Long working hours and deco times are no longer a problem. Relieve yourself in a donned drysuit! The “tip” of the condom is left open so it can be mated with the “tube” of the P-valve. When you pee, everything (hopefully) travels straight into the tube, and out of your dry suit. OK, it’s not as bad as the typical catheter that you think of. Just roll the condom on, hook up the tube, and pee freely.

P-Valves The P-valve is perhaps the most important accessory installed on any dry or wet suit. When diving dry, it greatly reduces the risk of decompression sickness as the diver knows relief will be available during the course of the dive and encourages plenty of predive hydration. Those who pee in their ---t suit and those who lie about it. (yes, wet is a four letter word). Diving dry adds two more types, those who don’t pee in there suit and those who should lie about about it! The p-valve defuncts the old adage make honest divers out of all. The p-valve is usually installed on the inner thigh.

She-P Pee-valve for women. Thanks to better drysuits and cylinder configurations, people are spending more time underwater. If you stay properly hydrated, there will be a time when nature will eventually call. The She-P is designed for female divers to comfortably use a P-valve, while diving in a drysuit, instead of using diapers. It does. Essential part of a scuba diving pee-valve system. Designed to stay on, the Wideband™ Catheter features 70% greater adhesive area than traditional self-adhering catheters and can be .