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The Connecticut Association of Adult Day Services or CAADS is Connecticut’s only professional organization devoted to promoting adult day health services as a high quality community-based option in the continuum of long term care. Our association members promote adult day services because when families in Connecticut choose services: quality, accessibility and affordable matter. Since non-profit programs are largely supported by grants from a variety of sources, the cost associated with adult day services is usually minimal, and in many cases it is completely free to those who qualify. Free and reduced cost adult day services benefits are available through a number of sources.

Non-profit organizations. Charitable organizations, hospitals, and local communities also operate adult day care and senior centers on a non-profit basis. Their funding for services and programs come from community philanthropy, donations, and tax dollars through special funding funnels to the day centers. The Tennessee Association of Adult Day Services was established in 1986 to provide support to those who provide a variety of day services to adults. Funding for Adult Day Services comes from a variety of sources, including private pay, government grants (federal, state, county), the United Way, religious organizations, etc.

Adult day services are the perfect fit for families who wish to keep their aging loved ones at home, but need help during the day while they work. Search for Adult Day Care by ZIP Code:: Services Offered in Adult Day Care Adult daycare centers are non-profit or for-profit. Easterseals is the largest non-profit provider of adult day services for adults with disabilities and seniors. Through our unique network, which provides resources and support for Easterseals adult day providers across the country, we can continually improve our first-rate services for .