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Mar 3, 2019- Eastern Stonefly Photos. See more ideas about Aquatic insects, Insects and Fly tying. Stonefly adult on rocks Birchside Studios Pen-and-Ink Drawing Save Comp.

Stonefly adults are usually most important when laying their eggs after mating; particularly the larger species. Some drop their eggs from above the water but many either flutter along the surface or land on the water and create a commotion capable of drawing savage strikes from large trout during midday. The life history of the stonefly is not well known. Each female may produce as many as 6,000 eggs, which are dropped in masses into a stream. The stonefly nymph resembles the adult but lacks wings and may have external gills on various parts of its body. The nymph feeds on .

Semi Realistic Adult Stonefly / Salmonfly - posted in Step by Step Patterns & Tutorials: This is a simplified version of the foam Semi Realistic Adult Stonefly pattern that I tie last year. I have replace the Wing material with Vinyl Rafia material and replaced the legs with rubber legs.You may play with different wing and legs materials or modify it to become other insect even Daddy Long. 2 Trout drawing stonefly nymph on UI Ex. Download Trout drawing stonefly nymph and use them in your website with no signup. You can allso insert Trout drawing stonefly nymph .