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Community Senior Adult Choir August 22 at 6:44 PM · Please add to your 2019 fall performance schedule that we will be at the Cupbearer in Auburn on Oct. 10th.Followers: 129. Senior Choir and Chancel Ringers are open to ALL interested adults who wish to become a member of a special musical community. Adults with a desire to share God’s love through musical works ranging from Baroque to Gospel serve in these dedicated ensembles known for their performance excellence and effective leadership in worship.

Born Is the King: A Christmas Musical for the Senior Choir Created by: Marty Parks Book 9780834173026 For your senior adult choir! Price: $7.99: 3. Christmas Is a Birthday: A Musical for Senior Adult Choir Arranged by: Paul. The choir for older adults is a collaboration between Community Music Center, the Richmond Neighborhood Center, and the Richmond Senior Center. The choir sings show tunes, jazz, Americana and folk songs. Choir members practice, sing, help organize performances, and perform in the community. Ages: Older adults (age 55 and above).

May 21, 2015 · Choir members can focus on their sound without being distracted by music reading. Ready to start planning? Today, I'm sharing my go-to list of choral warm-ups. These are tailored to adult church choirs, but could easily be used by community choirs or youth choirs (some even work well with children's choirs!). Happy singing!Author: Ashley Danyew.