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adult nighttime incontinence - What is Nighttime Incontinence? (with pictures)

Also known as adult diapers, absorbent underwear can be worn at night to absorb urine from nighttime urinary incontinence. As a backup, you also can place absorbent incontinence pads between you. An overactive bladder doesn’t have to interrupt sleep and sex. Tips for controlling urinary incontinence in bed.Author: Gina Shaw.

Urinary incontinence usually does not indicate a disorder that is life threatening; nevertheless, incontinence may cause embarrassment or lead people to restrict their activities unnecessarily, contributing to a decline in quality of life. Also, rarely, sudden incontinence can be . Aug 25, 2019 · In situations where the incontinence continues into later childhood or recurs during the adult years, physicians often look for certain physical and emotional factors that point to the origin of the health problem. There are several possible reasons for nighttime incontinence.

Adult Bedwetting Treatment Options Talk to Your Doctor. Nocturnal Enuresis may be the symptom of an underlying condition. If this is the case, successful treatment of the condition can result in achieving nighttime dryness.