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Storytelling is when the instructor illustrates a concept, idea or principle with a real-life application, model or case-study by telling a story. The interesting thing about stories used to con  nect theory to real life in adult learning is that they can be both real and fictional. A . An exploration of the value of storytelling in learning and its role in the human experience from childhood through adulthood.

In connection with adult education, narrative can be understood as an orientation that carries with it implications for both method and content. This Digest presents a brief overview of a narrative orientation to teaching and learning and then explores how stories and autobiographical writing promote learning. The paper is designed to introduce storytelling as an effective tool for adult educators while also pointing out the different types of storytelling and its implications on e-learning. Findings: The findings from the literature review completed confirmed the authors' view that storytelling is effective for adult learners.Cited by: 16.

Digital storytelling in adult education and family literacy: a case study from rural Ireland Esther Prins Adult Education Program and Goodling Institute for Research in Family Literacy, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA, USA Correspondence [email protected] by: 5. Oct 03, 2014 · Use avatars and storytelling to draw in adult learners. Avatars can guide adult learners through modules to increase knowledge comprehension and retention, while storytelling makes the subject matter more interesting and relatable for them. Keep in mind, that when using characters or stories, you should add at least a touch of realism in order to make the content more immersive and Author: Christopher Pappas.