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Dec 14, 1995 · This book is a history of university adult education since its origins in the mid-Victorian period. It focuses on the University of Oxford, which came to lead the movement for adult and working-class education, and which imprinted it with a distinctive set of social and political objectives in the early years of the 20th century.Author: Lawrence Goldman. "Dons and Workers is an ambitious attempt to assess the significance of this much neglected movement. The result is probably the fullest and liveliest account to date of Oxford's role in creating the intelligentsia of Labor in the first part of the 20th century."--Labor HistoryAuthor: Lawrence Goldman.

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The chapter reports on the growing independence of the labour movement marked by the founding of the Labour Representation Committee in 1900 and the election of twenty-nine Labour MPs in 1906. The Workers' Educational Association (WEA) emerged out of a mature working-class culture. The WEA was founded in May 1903 as the ‘Association to Promote the Higher Education of Workingmen’. The North:1800s to 1850s. Search this site. Home. Expanding American Infrastructure. The first state board of education was set up in Massachusetts in 1837, led by Horace Mann. Northern states had already opened elementary schools by 1850. The first public high school was opened in 1821, Boston.